IBB Law advances digital working stability and security with Kofax Power PDF

Striving for reliable and secure technological advancement that allows the production of high-quality court documents at volume, IBB Law made the move to Kofax Power PDF on the recommendation of go5plus.

The law firm emphasized their desire to create a document lifecycle that seamlessly integrates with other strategic technologies such as OneDrive, iManage and Sharepointwhich, unlike their previous solution, Kofax Power PDF was able to do without compromising on speed or security. Consequently, IBB is seeing measurable time savings and is no longer at risk of accidental documentation loss during the creation process.

IT Director of IBB Law, Sam Luxford-Wattsreflected on the journey:

"Go5plus enabled us to deploy the technology in a fraction of the time a similar project would normally require. They came in, assessed our needs in detail and brought the best solutions to the table. Matt Breen, who was leading the project, made sure that we had access to the right people throughout the process and arranged a trial period with great flexibility. Additionally, they provided the training videos that allowed our teams to get a grasp of the more complex functionalities of the otherwise highly intuitive software and use it to its highest potential. Having worked with many other technology partners I can honestly say that I wish more of them were like go5plus."

Matt Breen, Managing Director (EMEA) at go5plus, commented:

"It was a pleasure to work with Sam and his team at IBB and to offer our experience and expertise to ensure that the most appropriate solution to meet the brief of delivering a more stable and powerful PDF platform to replace their incumbent provider. At go5plus we pride ourselves on investing time in partnering with vendors who offer market-leading solutions; our partnership with Kofax continues to grow from strength to strength and our close working relationship with them allows us to furnish businesses such as IBB with world-class and intuitive solutions such as Power PDF."