Innovative office support without the overhead costs

Irrespective of size and model, law firms must be client-focussed and adaptable, developing tailored services to their clients in order to remain competitive. It, therefore, follows that, as service delivery changes, so must the role of support staff and how a lawyer's time is most productively spent. Bluebird supports law firms with remote transcribing, document fixing and formating services, so your firm can achieve its goals without the overhead costs.

What is Bluebird?


There are some times in the week, or month, or year, that work seems to explode and there’s never enough hands on deck to keep up to date. Or there may be sudden sickness absence and holidays that cause disruption to your support. Bluebird are a service that is always there for you. The team of PAs at Bluebird have a long experience working in law firms and they know the importance of adhering to strict deadlines, and producing an accurate work product.

Outsourcing your secretarial and administration functions to Bluebird will reduce your overhead, improve your efficiency,  increase your productivity and, most importantly, grow your business.  Your word processing and legal document production will be on brand, cost-effective and will properly represent your business when you work with Bluebird.  


  • Specialist knowledge - Be that in Word, PDF, PowerPoint or Visio you no longer have to worry about the accuracy and style of your documents and presentations. 

  • Support whenever you need it - Even if a sudden change or issue comes up at the end of the day or over the weekend, you can have the peace of mind that your documents will be spot on at the end

  • Security you can rely on - With internationally recognised security procedures and strict multi-factor controls in place your data and sensitive information will always go to trusted hands

  • No regular overhead costs - The Bluebird team will always be available to you but only when you need them, so you can minimise your costs by only paying for a PA when you need one. 


" We use Bluebird for the creation of our Word documents, amendments and formatting. Their work product is not only accurate, following our strict requirements, fast and expertly produced, but they also add value by proofing and pointing out areas that our lawyers may need to check. "

Phil Rees-Roberts, Director, Rees-Roberts Solicitors

Bluebird document services at your fingertips

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The documents produced by your firm are an extension of your brand. Missing numbers or poor formatting and technique not only creates a mediocre impression but can also present a security risk. Word documents require expert care and attention to ensure professional standards and information security are maintained.

Bluebird PAs are Word experts who can fix and format your complex documents and keep them free of corruption.  They can repair broken numbering and apply consistent formatting and house style, ensuring that your documentation is produced professionally and efficiently, while you deal with important client work. 


Bluebird can convert unencrypted PDF documents into a usable Word file, and apply your numbering and branding. They will maintain a secure database of your templates and train our PAs to understand your house style and individual requirements to ensure that documents align with your brand.


If your templates are created in an old version of Word and need updating, or if you need a whole new look, Bluebird can help you create new templates to make Microsoft Word work for you. 

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