Organise all your documents and present it to a high standard every time.

This leading PDF bundling tools helps you prepare professional briefs, document bundles, and reports. Simply upload and select your documents, and it organises them into a numbered booklet - ready for you to save, share or print.

What is Bundledocs?

Bundledocs intuitive design means teams no longer have to outsource or waste valuable time creating document briefs or bundles. Bundledocs powerful document bundling solution effortlessly produces high quality professional court bundles, e-briefs, report books or any document bundle in minutes. When firms are considering legal software, go5plus and Bundledocs realise that users must not only trust that their data is secure but also understand both the technological and legal intricacies of storing data in the cloud. 


If you are working on large volume cases then Bundedocs is the solution for you. Bundledocs powerful and feature rich fuctionaility sets the standard when it comes to document bundling. With Bundledocs computational resources are added and subtracted automatically in line with demand. What does this mean for you? No stalling, no crashing and no issues - regardless of the size of bundles you are producing. 


  • It’s quick, easy to use, and helps streamline document preparation and manage your cases more efficiently.

  • Create high quality, professional bundles easily as all your documents will be automatically indexed, numbered, hyperlinked & bookmarked.

  • You can choose how you organise and present your documents in a way for your clients to easily read and access.

  • Securely share your bundle and invite colleagues or clients to collaboratively work with you. 

bundledocs code


Cover Page: Upload a custom cover page for your bundle. Although Bundledocs automatically produces a simple title page for your bundle, you have the option to upload your own title page for your bundle and/or sections.


Index PageNo need to manually create an index. Bundledocs automatically produces a complete index for your bundle. This can be customized further example, hide section/document levels, choose alternative numbering scheme etc.


Document Dates: Easily include document dates within your completed index. You can amend individual document dates, choose date formats and even generate with/without dates with just one click.


Merge, split or page range: Bundledocs will automatically merge all your documents into a single PDF file. However, you also have the option to split any uploaded file (into several documents) or use our Page Range to choose what pages you want included in your completed bundle.  


Watermark: Quickly apply a watermark to your bundle with Bundledocs. Choose to apply a text or image watermark to your bundle. What's great is you can easily add/remove when needed - and all with the click of a button!


Fonts & Styles: Customise the font and styles used for your page numbering, index and section headings of your bundle. You have the option to set your house styles as default or change for each bundle created. The choice is yours. 


Sections & Volumes: Easily create single section, multi section, sub-section or volume bundles. This can be done by simply dragging and dropping. You can even choose to include/exclude complete sections of your bundle.


Page Numbering: Pagination is automatic with Bundledocs. Choose how your numbering appears on the page or even choose to restart numbering at the beginning of each new section.



Bates Numbering: For anyone that requires it, Bundledocs provides the facility to apply Bates Numbering. This can be customized to suit your requirements.





Customise your legal documents with a wide range of options so you can create every bundle just how you like it

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