The most efficient way to use Microsoft Word for legal documents

Bluebird are Microsoft Word specialists, supporting law firms in optimising their legal document production process to reduce the common risks associated with managing transactional documents. 

Through a variety of outsourced services and in-house training, Bluebird ensure that you always have the appropriate solution at hand to manage your documents professionally and securely.  They specialise in supporting law firms at times of pressing deadlines when internal teams need to focus on more immediate matters.

The Bluebird services
  • Document Fixing and Formatting
  • House style development and creation
  • Template review and reporting
  • Word training

Document fixing and formatting

Missing numbers or poor formatting not only create a mediocre impression of your firm but can also present a significant security risk. Word documents require expert care and attention to ensure professional standards and information security are maintained while transactional documents are exchanged between multiple parties.

Go5plus's Bluebird service is comprised of a team of Word experts who will fix and format your complex documents and keep them free of corruption. We repair broken numbering and apply consistent formatting and house style, ensuring that your documentation is produced professionally and efficiently, while you deal with important client work.

Have the service at your fingertips with our pre-paid packages

With our pre-paid packages you will never have to think twice about how to get your documents in shape. You can purchase a set number of secretarial support hours for your firm, allowing you to extend your team at a moment’s notice with Bluebird’s extensive experience, whether you need extra hands on deck or a Word document specialist to address an issue.


20 hours


50 hours


100 hours

House style developing and creation

House style is important, not only to a firm’s brand but also to the quality and accuracy of the documents created. It is the starting point for firms looking to create standardised templates that lawyers and secretaries can use efficiently and quickly. Bluebird will liaise with you to ensure your house style is smartly thought through and clearly defined.

Bluebird help law firms develop and create these foundations of smart document practice, after which producing agreements, correspondence or highly complex offering memoranda become significantly easier to manage and more secure.

Template review and reporting

Using templates in everyday document creation significantly reduces the time spent during the lifecycle of your transaction.  If templates are incorrect or poorly laid out, however, they can be a source of serious security risks and damage to a firm's reputation as well as adding lawyer time, and therefore cost, on your matter. 

To create a solid foundation for your lawyers to work efficiently and minimise risk when working in transactional documents, Bluebird review your Word templates to ensure that they are in excellent working order. The report prepared afterwards will explain the changes necessary to eliminate broken and unnecessary styles present, and the adjustments will allow teams to understand what style to apply to get the result they want, without having to spend significant amount of time on it. 

Word training

Our bespoke Microsoft Word training is designed to strengthen the key skills of your teams so that following best practice principles in legal document creation becomes second nature. Whether it is troubleshooting document formatting issues or upskilling secretaries and document teams with more advanced skills, Bluebird provide in-house training that is tailored to specific roles and responsibilities within your firm enabling you to roll it out as a firm-wide or departmental initiative.