Meet our dedicated executive team

Matt Breen

Managing Director

Matt is at the frontline of increasing efficiency gains for our clients through his unique understanding of professionals' strategic needs and constraints on the account of his extensive, global experience. 

Kathy Griveas


Kathy has a long history of working with professional services firms and Government Departments at all levels.  She has a passion for technology and is hands-on in all aspects of go5plus.  Focusing on supporting our clients with her expertise in adult training and desire to explore their processes and needs.

Shaun Locke ​


Shaun is expanding our strategic partnerships and implementing business and market development growth strategies through the introduction of innovative business solutions for our clients' benefit.

David Woolstencroft

Strategic Advisor

David is steering our strategic direction through his invaluable experience in leading innovation to ensure that our solutions are aiding the most crucial pain points of professionals.