A post-Coronavirus legal world: More kindness, less paper

"The generally positive experience of meeting via videoconference, accessing files remotely, collaborating online on shared documents and engaging staff and clients virtually has brought a new realisation: actually, we don’t need everyone at the office all the time."

Joel Barolsky's article, also published by The Australian Financial Review, has looked into what the post-Coronavirus legal world will look like.

The necessity of reliable technologies both for internal and external collaboration has become clear and though the innovation might require firms to go out of their comfort zones as Ron Friedmann adds: "The technology exists for secure, remote document review."

Read Joel's article here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/post-coronavirus-legal-world-more-kindness-less-paper-joel-barolsky/?trackingId=kukXdqLQciCWm5dKhSq9og%3D%3D

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