Business Continuity in the age of COVID-19

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

From the team at Bluebird

It’s the word on everyone’s lips – COVID. People are frantically washing their hands at regular intervals (not a bad thing of course) and self-isolating. More importantly, offices like Baker McKenzie in London and Clayton Utz in Sydney have shut their offices completely.

It seems inevitable that this is going to become a more common response by law firms as the crisis unfolds. And it is unfolding fast.

The British Government is on the verge of declaring a nationwide lockdown so your business continuity plans will no doubt already be in play.

Or are they? Do you even have a plan? The situation changes from day to day and is now becoming urgent.

The really large firms that have the technology and agile working options already in place, the working-from-home scenario might not be a big deal. However, for smaller firms, shutting the office can mean significant disruption both to client work and to earning fees.

It’s not only about the virus of course. Outsourcing has become more than simply a valuable service; it has become a necessary part of a law firm’s toolbox in terms of their business continuity. The message about greater efficiency is filtering right throughout the legal sector – large firms and small.

Change can feel difficult but it really doesn’t need to be. An outsourced service is designed to take the burden off you, not only in the work itself but also in setting up the service. We find people are very surprised at how quickly and easily they can be working with Bluebird– literally within a few minutes.

This integration into your team means that quality legal secretaries are providing your firm with backup during any period of absence in your office, whether it’s a busy month or a large-scale crisis like COVID-19. No need for temps or full staffing levels to ensure your Word documents and transcription are completed in good time.

The service is there whenever you need it.

Most people think of technology breakdown when they think of Business Continuity concerns. But COVID-19 is demonstrating how any kind of uncertainty can cause upheaval in your business.

And unlike a technology blip, no one knows how long it will last, or the depth of disruption it will cause.

But instead of living your days in constant concerns about how your business documents will come into shape during these uncertain times, we encourage you to look into outsourcing them. The Bluebird secretaries can help you straight away in time of need - be that because of COVID-19 or just a busy period.

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