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What can you do to help your clients?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

From the team at Bluebird

In this the strangest of times, we have been receiving record levels of enquiries, and we have several proposals out. While some may have business continuity plans, many don’t; even those that do may not have tested the plan.

And the reasons for rolling out the plan – a global pandemic - will likely not have been conceived of. It’s long-term and it’s very uncertain.

We are looking to reach out and help others who may not know that our service exists. Who else do you know that this information would be useful for?

Here is what we are hearing:

  • There are not enough laptops to have staff working securely.

  • Sending staff home and relying on them to work with their own equipment.

  • Secretaries don’t have transcription kits or set up at home to work remotely.

  • Not enough secretarial cover as they start to isolate and get sick.

  • IT teams under massive pressure to implement all the changes and not much backup for them.

  • Nobody really knows how to do video conferencing as they’ve previously shied away from it.

  • A massive worry about how to manage workloads and importantly keep engaging for new business.

Here at Bluebird, we are being very proactive so keep an eye on our Linked In. We are

  • Writing blogs and social media postings.

  • Recruiting and testing candidates so that I’ve got flexibility in my own team (in case they get sick) and also to scale up for new business.

  • Training up our key PAs into new roles so they can engage more with clients.

  • Offering training for Zoom video conference with my clients.

  • Offering remote LinkedIn training with my clients.

  • Being as helpful as I can on all social media platforms to keep that networking and engagement going.

We have to think and work in a different way. It’s important to keep spirits high and remain positive. We never know what else we can do to help unless we continue to have conversations so it’s even more important to connect with people.

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