What you need for your secretary to work from home

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

From the team at Bluebird

The UK Government is asking people to work from home. Great – who doesn’t love a homemade cuppa! Now as a business, you have to make sure that you can make this happen. Every employee will have different tools that they need to get done whatever they would in an office. Here are some of the official bits that you’re looking at dealing with for your secretaries:

· Your employee needs to have a dedicated workspace in their home that meets health and safety requirements. Ideally you should be inspecting this on a regular basis.

· You are responsible for all of their equipment and that can include broadband connectivity, computer hardware, the chair they sit in, digital foot pedals for transcription, earphones/headset and possibly a telephone.

· The working environment must be conducive for performing the tasks required. It’s not always possible to work from home if there’s other people around or if it’s noisy. My next-door neighbour has a very large dog that loves barking!

· Working from home is a huge benefit to a lot of people but it doesn’t suit everybody. There are some people who enjoy an office environment and for them working from home can feel isolating. Your community of homeworkers need exceptional communication tools, not just telephone or email. There are many benefits to having instant group chat features, using social media groups and generally allowing people to take time away from their desk for a virtual coffee break.

If you have good technology and work processes that allow safe transfer of digital files then you’re good to go. The difficulty for a lot of firms is that most of their work secretaries work is still on paper. If your business relies on paper files to transfer information, then maybe it’s now that you started rethinking your operations. Paper really does hold a business back.

The easiest way out of these legal obligations that also saves you from getting caught for not complying is outsourcing. Smart businesses stay ahead because they know how to shift their resources best. Yes, creating an environment that’s suitable for working from home is gold, when you have the resources to go through all the steps that lead up to it. On the other hand, outsourcing to an experienced secretary service provider like Bluebird is definitely a quicker and more cost effective alternative. Utilising a secretary service means that you don’t have to deal with the headache from the legal requirements of home offices but get to have the benefits of a secretary. Your permanent employees might also appreciate a holiday more than that homemade cuppa.

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