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About us

go5plus is an experienced solutions provider to the legal, accounting & professional services sectors. Our goal is to enable Australian and New Zealand based firms to drive client engagement by streamlining the complexities and challenges across the corporate ecosystem.


go5plus is a partner of Nikec, a powerful platform for staff and clients to collaborate and communicate alongside each other, We have recently also become the APAC partner of Bundledocs, an agile cloud PDF bundling platform for legal & commercial sectors for matter brief preparation.


We are continually investing in research into the best and most innovative solutions that fit the APAC Professional Services sector, which means that your firm can benefit from global innovations and have the leading edge in winning new business, building client satisfaction and employee satisfaction whist keeping an eye on budgets.  

Our team

We have 25 years experience of serving the Professional Services Sector (Accounting and Legal) around the world with solutions such as CRM, Practice Management, Case Management, Client Portal and Document Management (including add-ons) our focus is improving Client Experience by using a combination of software solutions and best practice consulting.  


We travel the world and attend accounting and legal technology shows around the world looking for solutions that we can bring back to APAC which have the following criteria:


  • Must save the team time

  • Must delight the client

  • Easy to implement and typically Saas

  • Fast ROI for the business

  • Must be innovative and give the firm an edge so they can win more business and keep clients


We like to work with like-minded firms that are open to small changes, like to get the job done and have fun along the way. One of the best medicines to make change happen is a nice mixture of pragmatism with a dose of fun. Our team are passionate about making life easier for the firms clients and the team that produce the work.


Our philosophy is that we want to work with firms and people that are open to change, open to the 2-way feedback and we can always have the full conversation. Finally rather than put our pictures up (which won't do the team justice) we would love the opportunity to meet you in person for a nice coffee and maybe some cake...depends on the day of the week.


FUN FACT: our team have some quite diverse hobbies such as travel writing, hypnosis, sailing, weight training, watching terrible reality cooking shows and karaoke.....


Get the winning edge in client service with go5plus


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