Tessian: Protecting Email

Tessian is committed to securing the human layer in the enterprise by protecting all the digital interactions people need to get their jobs done - starting with email.

Defend. Enforce. Guard. Job Done.

Tessian is a leading cloud email security platform that intelligently protects organisations against advanced threats and data loss on email, while coaching people about security threats in-the-moment.

Using machine learning and behavioral data science, Tessian automatically stops threats that evade legacy Secure Email Gateways, including advanced phishing attacks, business email compromise, accidental data loss and insider threats. Tessian’s intelligent approach not only strengthens email security but also builds smarter security cultures in the modern enterprise. 

Tessian Human Layer Security Platform

The Tessian Cloud Email Security Platform intelligently protects against advanced threats and data loss on email, while reducing security teams' workloads, and coaching people about security threats in-the-moment.

Using Behavioral Intelligence Modeling and machine learning, Tessian automatically detects and prevents threats that legacy Secure Email Gateways fail to stop, including advanced phishing attacks, email impersonation, accidental data loss and insider threats. Tessian ensure security teams can work smarter, not harder. Tessian automates the investigation and remediation of email threats, freeing up the security team's time and in-the-moment security coaching educates users in real time to help them make more informed security decisions.

As a cloud-native solution, Tessian Security Platform integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Exchange, and Google Workspace environments. Tessian is a fully automated platform that requires zero configuration, is deployed in minutes, and learns people’s email behaviors within hours, closing critical security gaps in the enterprise security stack.

The Tessian Products

Stop Inbound Phishing Attacks

Tessian Defender is a comprehensive inbound email security solution that automatically prevents a wide range of attacks that bypass Secure Email Gateways (SEGs), while providing in-the-moment training to drive employees toward secure email behaviour.

Prevent Insider Threats from Leaving Lasting Damage

Automatically prevent data exfiltration over email while educating in-the-moment and driving users towards secure email behaviour.

Email Mistakes Don't Have to Become Security Incidents

Automatically prevent accidental data loss from misdirected emails and misattached files, without disrupting employees way of work.

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