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go5plus proudly aligns itself to Kofax as one of their primary Power PDF partners. We dedicate our resources to provide our clients with a friendly, knowledgeable and customer focussed service.

Powerful. Intuitive. Cost Effective. Job Done.

Over 2 MILLION customers trust Power PDF to provide an award-winning PDF editor designed to be be easy to use, secure and low cost. Users enjoy a familiar, Office-style environment to create, convert and compile PDF documents in just minutes.

Power PDF is built for individuals and businesses of all sizes to deliver advanced functionality, powerful security and redaction capabilities.


Why Choose Power PDF?

Easy to Use - Office-style interface optimised for Windows Desktop, Microsoft Surface and Mac OS

Power & Flexibility - Create, edit and convert PDF files to and from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, HTML and more...

No Subscription Fees - Buy once and own forever: ALL features included (compare costs with Adobe)

Security - Add secure encrypted passwords and permissions, as well as redact sensitive information and private metadata


Intuitive Forms

Scan paper forms and convert to interactive PDF fields, checkboxes, signature fields and more

Highlight & Redact

Highlight or redact sensitive information from scanned documents or strike text in one step


Create, edit and review PDFs in real-time across devices and platforms on your network; embed videos, photos and diagrams into PDFs

eSign Documents

Add your digital ID or signature to documents or take advantage of integrated e-signature workflow capabilities (sold separately)

Kofax Power PDF: The Best Adobe Acrobat PDF Alternative

Businesses face many financial challenges - cost of staff, overhead expenses, marketing and much more. These costs need to be balanced to meet your business demands whilst using market leading, efficient solutions.

Kofax Power PDF is the top PDF alternative when compared to Adobe and other solution providers. Power PDF helps you save money whilst delivering and improving each of the essential functions on which your business relies.

Ask us today for a comparative quote and start realising the cost savings that Power PDF will afford your business.

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