Rulestar: The Smarter Document Automation Platform

Rulestar makes it easy to automate decisions and generate customised documents.

Automate proposals, contracts, advice, decisions and reports without any coding.

No Code. No Fuss. Cost Effective. Job Done.

What is Rulestar? Rulestar is a no-code automation platform that enables you to automate even highly sophisticated documents by capturing the knowledge of subject-matter experts and placing it in the hands of your team and clients.

How do you benefit from using Rulestar? Too often, businesses rely on the knowledge of a handful of experts – Rulestar lets you put that knowledge in the hands of your team and even your clients, scaling expertise in ways you’ve never thought possible.

With Rulestar, you can open new self-service revenue streams, deepen client relationships and deliver better customer experiences through smarter automation. Rulestar makes complex document creation simple, cutting down risk and improving processes.

Rulestar helps you...

Take Control of Quality

Say goodbye to proof-reading, centralise control over your content and delegate with confidence

Increase Productivity

Enable your tea to focus on high-value work like building relationships and driving referrals

Get Visibility

Diagnose roadblock within your organisation, predict trends and make better business decisions

See what you can do better, faster:


Know that your legal documents are right, every time

Rulestar technology captures partner-level knowledge and puts it in the hands of everyone. More than 1,200 lawyers can't live without it


Get proposals approved and out the door quickly

Spend more time earning and less time pitching by automating your proposal documents. Rulestar frees you to focus on doing the work, rather than fussing over proposals


Produce your document deliverables in minutes

Fully productise your business by automating your reports. If your services is delivered in a document, it's time to automate it!


Capture your knowledge to give tailored professional advice

Rulestar lets you take your thought processes out of your head and into an automated system that does the analysis and makes customised recommendations for you


Automating complex decisions on the frontline

See how Rulestar can be used to automate not only documents but also complex decision-making processes

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