Zylpha: Court Bundling Made Easy

Zylpha is proud to work with law firms and legal teams of all sizes to significantly reduce the amount of time and waste in the preparation of court bundles - both electronic and paper output.

Quick. Hassle Free. Cost Effective. Job Done.

Lawyers are great problem solvers. They are great thinkers. They do highly stressful work that is nuanced and is based in ‘the grey’ rather than the black and white that most of us live in. Their reputation is gained and lost through the direct results of their successes and failures.

Many lawyers would say that one of their main headaches are preparing bundles and we find that it’s the number one administrative problem affecting lawyers today.

For over 12 years Zylpha have made it easy for all lawyers and legal professionals regardless of the type of work they do, or the size of the firm they work for, to be able to produce electronic document bundles in minutes.

Document Bundling Software

Build electronic court bundles in minutes not hours. Add files from all your existing systems without having to save them to your desktop. Produce compliant and consistent court bundles as and when you need them at the click of a button.

Why Use Zylpha?

Multiple File Types

Convert all common file types within Zylpha Bundling. You can also add non-common files too.

Easy to Install

A super fast installation process ensures you’re up and running quickly and easily within minutes.

Cover Page Designer

Create your own cover page and index just the way you need it, with the cover page design editor.

Flexible to Use

Build your electronic document bundle with a comprehensive library of features and functions.

Intuitive User Interface

A great looking UI that ensures you get up to speed quickly so you can build bundles with minimal training.

Utilities as Standard

All the additional tools you need for building document bundles are included as standard.

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