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Powerful solutions for professionals

Easily manage and share sensitive data with your colleagues and clients – anytime, anywhere.

Our solutions help legal, accounting and professional services firms streamline their processes and build better working relationships with their teams and clients. Each collaboration tool in the repertoire of go5plus has been designed to simplify everyday activities and increase the quality of outcomes, so professionals can focus on what matters most and enhance client satisfaction. 

3 ways our collaboration tools can increase client and team satisfaction 

Seamless secure collaboration

Provide your clients and colleagues with easy access to all relevant information and documents 24/7, which can help you work alongside each other easier and quicker.

Improved communication
Share and work on documents together with your colleagues and clients any time, anywhere. By communicating through a highly secure, dynamic platform you can avoid information loss and misunderstandings thus address matters more effectively.

Saving valuable time
The time lost by gathering multiple threads of information, processing large volumes of data and checking the accuracy of fine details are memories from the past when you leverage software and services that can do those for you.

go5plus is the official APAC and UK partner of industry-leading solutions

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Our software are designed to integrate easily to create the best user experience and maximise efficiency

Among others, our integration partners include: