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Powerful collaboration tools for professional services firms

Easily manage and share sensitive data with your colleagues and clients – anytime, anywhere.

Our solutions help legal, accounting and professional services firms streamline their processes and build a better working relationship with their clients. Many firms use Hubshare, a powerful collaboration platform to share and store all client data, and Bundledocs, to bundle all their documents into a well-presented report for important meetings and cases.

3 ways our collaboration tools can increase client and team satisfaction 

Seamless secure collaboration with your clients

Provide your clients easy access to all their relevant information and documents 24/7, which can help you work alongside each other easier and quicker.

Easily share files and improve communication
Share client matter, documents and tasks in a few clicks to your colleagues or clients. Both parties can access the information anytime and can comment, sign etc. with the peace of the mind that the sensitive information has been securely distributed.

Saving you time
With all information in one single area, you can save time on searching multiple locations for a file or answering client queries. And when you need to get volumes of documents together, using BundleDocs will save you plenty of time.

go5plus is the official APAC partner of bundledocs and Nikec Hub

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